Why Should You Hire an Accident Attorney?

On Florida’s roads, trucks are a frequent sight. While many drivers deal with them amicably, some are not as fortunate. Truck crashes can inflict more injuries and destruction than other types of auto accidents due to their size and weight. These mishaps also usually include more participants in the legal dispute and are typically more complex. For this reason, it is imperative that victims of these collisions get in touch with a skilled and qualified truck accident lawyer to manage their claims.

The top truck accident attorneys in Jacksonville assist those hurt in truck accidents in getting the compensation they are due for their damages. They will examine insurance plans to find coverage for all of their clients’ damages and collaborate with subject matter specialists to determine what caused the collision. They will also confer with experts in the fields of medicine, finance, and life care to determine the complete amount of their client’s damages.

Jacksonville personal injury lawyer Henry Gare focuses on cases involving personal injuries, particularly those stemming from semi-truck collisions. He assists his clients in getting paid for their suffering, lost wages, and medical costs. He is a skilled lawyer who has secured multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for his clients. He is a member of the American Bar Association and the Florida Bar Association, and he also has a solid foundation in criminal law.

Coker, Shickel, Sorenson, Posgay, Camerlengo & Iracki is a Jacksonville and surrounding area law company that works to preserve the rights of victims of truck accidents. In addition to offering clients a wide range of services, the firm offers free consultations for investigations, case evaluations, and insurance company negotiations. Its lawyers are Million Dollar Advocates Forum members and have an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell.

In the event of a truck accident, quick response is crucial. It is imperative that the victim take pictures of the accident scene, record any damage to the vehicles involved in the collision, and exchange contact information with the truck driver and any other witnesses. They ought to get medical help as now as well.

The top Jacksonville truck accident attorney should be knowledgeable about both state and federal transportation regulations, as well as those that deal with commercial trucks. These laws control both intrastate and interstate transportation, therefore it’s critical that the accident lawyer is knowledgeable with both sets of rules and is able to effectively apply them in various scenarios. If a driver broke any state or federal trucking rules, an experienced Jacksonville truck accident lawyer will be able to identify it and seek compensation for the victim’s losses.

Make sure the top truck accident lawyers in Jacksonville are kind and dedicated to helping their clients succeed. An excellent truck accident lawyer should be able to calm their clients down and speak clearly with them during the court proceedings. Additionally, they will be able to present a strong case and exhibit their abilities in court.

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