Who Can Benefit from a Child Custody Attorney?

When choosing where to put your kids after a divorce, there are a lot of factors to take into account. Having the top child custody lawyer on your side can help ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible for all parties. Additionally, they can discuss the different kinds of custody agreements and what they might entail for you and your family.

Courts typically grant one parent sole physical custody and dual legal custody to the other. Both parents have the right to be involved in their children’s lives under this kind of agreement. Generally speaking, the noncustodial parent is entitled to supervised or unsupervised visitation. When deciding which form of custody is appropriate for your child, a judge will consider a number of issues, including as the child’s history of abuse, the capacity of both parents to care for the child, and the relationship between each parent and the child.

When a judge determines that having just one parent for your child is best for them, they will grant you sole custody. This can take the shape of sole physical or legal custody, but it is typically granted in cases where there has been a history of abuse or neglect. In order to determine what is in the best interests of the kid, the court will take into account the parent’s capacity to care for their children, any mental health conditions, drug or alcohol abuse, and their home environment.

The court will often work to increase each parent’s level of involvement in their children’s life. While this may not translate into equal time, it does guarantee that every parent will get the chance to spend valuable time with their kids. A child will find much greater purpose in attending a school play or spending an hour supporting them at a baseball game than in spending all day playing computer games in their room.

You can obtain a court-ordered custody evaluation and file a petition for custody with the assistance of a Knoxville child custody lawyer in TN. The papers must be given to you, and you’ll probably need to show up for a hearing in front of a judge or referee. Additionally, the court may in rare circumstances name a “Attorney for the Child” (formerly known as a law guardian). In court, this individual will represent your child’s best interests as a special representative.

Parents requesting modifications to their child custody and visiting schedules are not uncommon. There could be a number of reasons for this, including serious problems that make it hard to stick to the current routine at work, a medical condition that affects your capacity to care for the child, accusations of abuse or neglect, and more. It is critical that you have an experienced Knoxville family attorney advocating for you. They can assist you in demonstrating that the desired modifications are still optimal for your child. If at all possible, they will cooperate with the other party’s lawyer to try to find a method to settle the dispute peacefully.

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